Friday, January 19, 2007

popcorn party rocks

We heard that Whitney was having a popcorn party, so we loaded the suburban and headed to the LOGAN valley. Met Jimmy Jolley from albion and he said that Dwights family was the ones who got him in the church, small world. Another kid was from Spokane and knew Mark Shelby and the boys. Went out and ate at theFactory, then had ice cream , then popcorn. Oh to be young again andhave your body function even when you abuse it Whit thanks for the invite and the good time,keep in touch.


Whit said...

Thanks for coming! It was great to see you-and I hope you didn't come just for the popcorn party; i don't know it if was worth it! Hope you have a great day though! Thanks for being awesome!

karisa said...

Sounds like I need to get myself on Whitney's fan list so I can be invited to a rockin'party.

Whit said...

everyone was invited-just read my blog!