Saturday, March 31, 2007

fishing in the dark

Yesterday Tameka and Chelsea talked me into taking them fishing to salmon falls damn. But of course they were out with the boys till all hours of the night, looking at chickens and being crazy. So at 5 o'clock am they weren't the happiest campers. They had to make sandwiches while i loaded the gear. They slept the whole way over there. There must of been a good storm cause the borrow pits and ditches were full of snow, I thought it could be cold. ( it was colder then that.)
As we were fishing and having much success this brand new loaded suburban pulled up close to where we were. Four older gentlemen got out and proceeded to dress in the latest Cabelas equipment. they had everything from the long brimmed hats to the clip on magnifying glass to tie on the flys with. Why do you need camo waders? To blend in with the under water forest or sagebrush patches? Needless to say i caught four while they were getting ready. I made Friends with the older one and said you can have my spot, but remember there is a ninety foot drop off right in front of you. I hadn't seen a fish roll all day, but they were using dry flies that they were using three years ago. I gave the younger one a leach and he caught one just before we left. After taking the girls I remember why i like going with Lyle, and the boys. It was fun and hope to do more of it before Tameka leaves for school.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

new Photo

Well I never got many hits on Myron .I thought that the picture i used of him just showing how talented he was stood a better chance than the real picture of him. So through desperate measures I will now show a close up of the world famous trick dog. and skunk chaser, Myron Goldberg for your veiwing pleasure. Please remember that he is some mothers son, and she is very proud of him. maybe i should change the price to OBO.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Myron Goldberg

Here is a picture of the most famous dog, Myron Goldberg . He is Jewish, and also Irish, cause he was born on Saint ptricks day. My brother Randy gave him to us when we got back from D.C. I spent a little time with him and taught him about 15 tricks. Set, stay, laydown, go through my legs, speak, jump over stuff, jump through a hula hoop, roll over, fetch, pull rescue rope,wink one eye, jump rope with me, pee on tires,jump over hurdles,spin in circles. Now the, question is , Is Myron a smart dog , or is warren a good trainer? Anyway Im asking $800.00 for the dog, coller and hula hoop.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

think winter

I was in the orchard yesterday taking out the cherry tree. I dug around it and got the chain saw and cut the big roots around the stump, then i took my 2 ton come along and chained around the willow tree at the base. Then went through the tree to the far big branch and hooked on. It was amazing to here the roots snapping and popping, then i hooked it to the pear tree and pulled in the oppisite direction. Then i got the electric chain saw and cut it up in 8 inch peices so i can use it in the smoker im building.
Then i walked by the apricot tree . the!@#@$ thing thinks its spring and every branch is in full bloom top to bottom. I wish this little tree would still be thinking of winter!!
For my hort. daughters, what is the chance it wont freeze again till August?
Stupid little tree, always wants to be the first, crap there aint any bees in the valley, there still in california working the almonds.