Sunday, June 17, 2007

I love my girls

It was a busy week, and instead of getting more done i ended up with more jobs. chad called and i met him a delis s patotoe packing shed , on the tracks going to grandpa's. they are shutting down in a couple of weeks and i have to have all the beams and posts ready to go in when they have all the old machinary out and support the roof and box room with out any posts in the middle. It could be a night mare but we will get it done.
I will allways appreciate all my little helpers with all the work we used to do. how about doing mellings chores and does anybody remember the spud cellars? dworshak school, unnumbered hand rail jobs. Nikkala on the punch, karisa on the track torch, hand torch and reamer. deidra welding pin caps and handrail, tameka the power hack saw , welding pin caps, painting and being my hay hauling driver. you girls will never know how much i appreciated your freindship and help.
I am so proud of each one of you and the beautifull women you've become, maybe because of our experiences you will be fantastic mothers and wives. I love you and i have a happy father's day every day ! love dad

Friday, June 15, 2007


tonight i sluffed the cousins party and braden , tameka, and I went to the river, It was totally awesome just like glass and only one boat, alec helms and tyler seamons. wonder how they found our spot. I warmed the ole girl up and then we hit bugs smashing speeds. Tameka got on the wake board and did totally well. The only thing left is the after skiing party. Mom just went to bed and the kids ar being kids. I might have to put in some spark plugs and lube but we did forget to put in the plug , so we had to come out of the water and save our lives. the offer is out, if you want the blue ghetto, you have to take the junk.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

time flys even if your not having fun

I have to apoligize to my fans, and especially chrissy jim bob. I think Im in his trash can. This last month has been wild and crazy. Work has been an adventure with more work to do and stuff than i have ever had to do .I have two high school kids working for me and thats a pain. (wish i had the old crew back that we busted butt then went water skiing, they were awesome.) I have to show them ever thing to do and every thing is different. I had them welding pin caps for two days, and then Jared Rhett Jensen came and took them all. It really deflated there ego s to see all the empty paint cans again.
Mom and i are headed to utah mon night , we have to be at the galvinizers and 700 am then pick up stair treads, then meet with the patent attorny at 2:00 get to the temple, then pick up the stuff at the galvinizers at 7;00 p m and then head home. this past week we were building the columns for franklin building and i told jason jones that i wanted an exact measurement so i could cut the 48 foot six inch pipe and get the bollards so i didnt have any waste in the material. long story short he got the old plans and figured a 2/12 pitch . after they were done and painted and deleveried ,I get a call they were all wrong it should have been2 1/2 on 12 pitch. I picked them up and brought them home and cut the bollards up for the 28 inch peices. Measure. cut, grind , fit up , weld, clean, then paint, load on the trailer and deliever. the next day I get a call, out of eight four were wrong, he had thought the left were rights and the rights were lefts. then i start the process all over again, ugh!! when i have so much to do i hate doing things over . DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME I got released from my eleven year old scouts acouple weeks ago. It was one job that i could be myself and the stories were new to the kids i only had them for a year, and they laughed at my jokes.
Mom has really been working hard in the yard, and is taking shape. im posting a picture of a pump. I dont know if you know the story. After my mission i visited betty and carol and there families in glenns ferry , as i was driving doen the road i spotted trach heap (being one to never miss an opportunity i spotted this pump in peices and found a cast iron pot, they went with me to california in 74 and hung in the newmans yard and came to Idaho in 76 . a couple of years ago we made a pond in the back yard, and i love the sound and the memories.