Friday, April 25, 2008

anal for asparagus part 2

Well our story resumes as we are headed south on 50 east, I just waved at Suzy and I'm still hanging on the back of the truck by my arm pits clutching the knife and a handful of asparagus. and praying the tailgate wonn't releases on its own and splat me on the asphalt.

My lungs are burning, my charlie horses are training for Churchill downs and a death grip on the bunch of baby sprouts. I think if can get my foot on the ball and struggle into the back of the truck I can get in the door and home safe.

As I get in the back, (of course it is full of treasures that I might need for my next job )I stand up and head for the front. Just as I stand up,the truck hits the only chuck hole in the mile and throws me off balance and my foot goes through the gusset on the metal racks that I haul metal on the side of my truck with and the spare tire wedges it to the max. Now all I have to do is get the spare tire off the carrier and get my foot out and get to the front of bed. I try to bend down but I have to many Dr peppers between me and the trap.

I finally break loose and lunge to the tool box and as I lay on the toolbox that car honks as it pulled up behind us and rolls down there window and asks "are you Mr. fisher." and I smiled and pointed north and said he lives back about a mile and half.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Anal about Asparagus Part 1

As i was coming home from town in the green73 ford 3/4 ton pickup with over 280000 miles, I spotted a newer car with some city people driving slowly looking for something going towards my house. Well I didn't take the calculator to figure out 2 + 2 = 4, and they were looking for my asparagus. Holy Crap, I stepped on the gas and the 390 with a new transmission took off. I had to make a choice, I either decoy them or head straight to 432G My best asparagus plot, and get it picked before they discover it

I planned my strategy, I would move to the left lane put it in neutral and coast to the spot. I would get the ever present knife on the floor of the truck,and being the first picking I wouldn't need a Sack. Its right by the cracked out cement ditch.

I made my move with precision developed over the years, slammed on the brakes and flew to the spot, got the first four cut under the ground with skill of a surgeon, spotted a few more but last year stocks needed cleaned away. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw something, what could it be? The truck was still in gear and headed south without me. I know the gear shift is worn out but I'm sure I hit neutral.

With my blinding speed and the ability to leap tall buildings in a couple of tries I figured two more good ones then I best be moving. As I was streaking I heard my mother ( Don't run with a knife or you'll get hurt.) Well the truck was in high or I couldn't run as fast as I thought I could. I had to make a quick decision, do I run to the road and fly or just stay on a straight course running up the borrow pit. I hit the road and thought if I run real fast with a burst of speed I'll catch it before the first power pole. As we passed the first power pole It didn't seem like I was gaining.

Then as my eyes began to water I noticed that my framing square had fallen and wedged in the steering wheel and was steering it straight down the road. As I made my way to the side of the truck it started edging me to the soft gravel and chunks of old pavement I began to loose momentum and as the truck raced by I flung my arms over the tailgate. Remember I still clutched a knife in my right hand and a handfull of sprouts with the other. I couldn't move my legs cause they hit my knees on the bumber witch is rounded and hard to stand on. As my boots started smoking we went by Suzies house and she waved, hands full, all I could do was tip my head in the old farmers wave and yell Hi.

Monday, April 14, 2008

beans and big boy under wear

If you go potty on the toilet you get a bean to put in your jar. after 100 you get to by a treat at kings. But you also get to pack the pit when you can reach the peddles. This kid has john deere green running through his veins. Doesn't he just look the part with his farmer tan.

sunday drive.

We got out of church yesterday and I told Patrice we need to go for a drive. She said where? lets go to blackfoot and see the kids. They were still in church and but they had a roast in the oven , so they couldn't be far. We had an fun visit and then I showed Them what you do for fun when your poor. More ,Stop, more,stop. HA HA.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

fun games and ponies

Well this past weekend Chris and Deidra came home and watched gen conf with us. Chris and I went to the Gen Priesthood session and it was really good.
After we came home and Kim Hobson came over and we played a card game. Having to act parts was the best maybe from some pictures you can figure out who we were.
Then I went out side and shot a video with my new camera, can you tell how much my horses like me, I thought I was going to get run over.