Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pup #2 in 2008

There seem to be some technical difficulties at the Parish home, so I (Nikkala) have been asked to share the new puppy with the world.

Warren's following may not realize that puppy #1 (Sotouka, Touka--I'm still not sure what her name was) was killed in cold blooded murder just about the time she was growing out of the puppy stage and turning into a "real person". Dad has had a really hard time with her loss and is barely (months later) able to talk about it.

So pup #2 has arrived and has big shoes to fill as she tries to live up to the previous puppy, and most importantly, our beloved Sam.

Dad says she is black. Mom says she is mocha, and I think she is a dark brown from the pictures.

There is a contest being held to name her. Rumor has it that the winner will receive $50, so put on your thinking caps.
Dad thinks she will be called Obama because she was born in 2008 and she is almost black like him (dad's words, not mine).

Please realize that the name judging is completely biased, so even if better names are submitted, Obama may be chosen just to save $50.

Leave a comment with your choice of name for this adorable little gal.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

when the cats away the snow men play

We woke this past Saturday to a little rain then snow, so by the time we got chores done and got ready. Troy and Sharon K stopped by for a visit. We left about 11:00 and had terrible roads, The highway district thought it would be a skiff and then melt, but it just kept coming down. By the time we got to Declo the road had just three tire tracks and when a car came you had to almost stop and get clear over. When we hit sweetzer the trucks could not get up the grade and started to spin out and then blocked the two lanes, we sat for on hour and half and things moved a little then stopped again , so I got in the left side and drove around all the trucks and wreckers and made it over the top. About blue hill we were out of snow, and nothing in Logan. Had a fun time with the kids and went swimming with the boys. Here are some pictures of the weekend.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Turkey Lurkey

well Its so hard to break in a new turkey herder but I have to work with what i get. thanks big B

Saturday, June 14, 2008

chicken nuggets

Have you ever wondered where chicken nuggets come from/ I have a theory, When I went and picked up some chicks for karisa , They gave us a whole bunch of pullets. What do they do with the rooster chicks? Aren't they just so cute.

Monday, June 9, 2008

I miss my Patty P.

Today I took B Nikkala and Patrice to Upper crust, and then they went to Firth to see Delanie, Hudson and Karisa. So I worked at the fairgrounds hanging new gates to the grandstand. Stopped by Papa Kelseys and had a sandwich came home and moved a fence set the water cleaned up the tools so they don't get rained on did chores and washed eggs and read the church news. Its just not the same without my friend!!!!
miss you Patrice.

Friday, April 25, 2008

anal for asparagus part 2

Well our story resumes as we are headed south on 50 east, I just waved at Suzy and I'm still hanging on the back of the truck by my arm pits clutching the knife and a handful of asparagus. and praying the tailgate wonn't releases on its own and splat me on the asphalt.

My lungs are burning, my charlie horses are training for Churchill downs and a death grip on the bunch of baby sprouts. I think if can get my foot on the ball and struggle into the back of the truck I can get in the door and home safe.

As I get in the back, (of course it is full of treasures that I might need for my next job )I stand up and head for the front. Just as I stand up,the truck hits the only chuck hole in the mile and throws me off balance and my foot goes through the gusset on the metal racks that I haul metal on the side of my truck with and the spare tire wedges it to the max. Now all I have to do is get the spare tire off the carrier and get my foot out and get to the front of bed. I try to bend down but I have to many Dr peppers between me and the trap.

I finally break loose and lunge to the tool box and as I lay on the toolbox that car honks as it pulled up behind us and rolls down there window and asks "are you Mr. fisher." and I smiled and pointed north and said he lives back about a mile and half.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Anal about Asparagus Part 1

As i was coming home from town in the green73 ford 3/4 ton pickup with over 280000 miles, I spotted a newer car with some city people driving slowly looking for something going towards my house. Well I didn't take the calculator to figure out 2 + 2 = 4, and they were looking for my asparagus. Holy Crap, I stepped on the gas and the 390 with a new transmission took off. I had to make a choice, I either decoy them or head straight to 432G My best asparagus plot, and get it picked before they discover it

I planned my strategy, I would move to the left lane put it in neutral and coast to the spot. I would get the ever present knife on the floor of the truck,and being the first picking I wouldn't need a Sack. Its right by the cracked out cement ditch.

I made my move with precision developed over the years, slammed on the brakes and flew to the spot, got the first four cut under the ground with skill of a surgeon, spotted a few more but last year stocks needed cleaned away. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw something, what could it be? The truck was still in gear and headed south without me. I know the gear shift is worn out but I'm sure I hit neutral.

With my blinding speed and the ability to leap tall buildings in a couple of tries I figured two more good ones then I best be moving. As I was streaking I heard my mother ( Don't run with a knife or you'll get hurt.) Well the truck was in high or I couldn't run as fast as I thought I could. I had to make a quick decision, do I run to the road and fly or just stay on a straight course running up the borrow pit. I hit the road and thought if I run real fast with a burst of speed I'll catch it before the first power pole. As we passed the first power pole It didn't seem like I was gaining.

Then as my eyes began to water I noticed that my framing square had fallen and wedged in the steering wheel and was steering it straight down the road. As I made my way to the side of the truck it started edging me to the soft gravel and chunks of old pavement I began to loose momentum and as the truck raced by I flung my arms over the tailgate. Remember I still clutched a knife in my right hand and a handfull of sprouts with the other. I couldn't move my legs cause they hit my knees on the bumber witch is rounded and hard to stand on. As my boots started smoking we went by Suzies house and she waved, hands full, all I could do was tip my head in the old farmers wave and yell Hi.

Monday, April 14, 2008

beans and big boy under wear

If you go potty on the toilet you get a bean to put in your jar. after 100 you get to by a treat at kings. But you also get to pack the pit when you can reach the peddles. This kid has john deere green running through his veins. Doesn't he just look the part with his farmer tan.

sunday drive.

We got out of church yesterday and I told Patrice we need to go for a drive. She said where? lets go to blackfoot and see the kids. They were still in church and but they had a roast in the oven , so they couldn't be far. We had an fun visit and then I showed Them what you do for fun when your poor. More ,Stop, more,stop. HA HA.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

fun games and ponies

Well this past weekend Chris and Deidra came home and watched gen conf with us. Chris and I went to the Gen Priesthood session and it was really good.
After we came home and Kim Hobson came over and we played a card game. Having to act parts was the best maybe from some pictures you can figure out who we were.
Then I went out side and shot a video with my new camera, can you tell how much my horses like me, I thought I was going to get run over.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

New work camera

Nikkala called last week and i said I needed a camera so i don.t have to download from my cell phone, she said they had one for sale, and we decided to get it with some memory sticks. Here are some of the first pictures. can anyone tell where they were taken?

we have a cat named HOAR

When Tameka was little we brought home a little calico cat. She was a very friendly cat. Well every four months she comes up pregnant then she hides her kittens and the tom cat decides he doesn't want the responsibility so he does away with the little ones.then the process starts all over. How many litters can a female cat have in eleven years every four months. well here is the snap shot.

riding horses at grandpas

Well this is how we ride horses at grandpas. all you need is a big brother and a jockey. one jockey assistant and camera man. There is no mess and you don't have to brush the horse and saddle him.

Friday, March 28, 2008

must be my water

It was good to have Hudson,Dalanie and Karisa show up late last night. Big H was wound up tighter then a drum. I watched some ball games and played with the kids. Well I fixed french toast for breakfast and who should appear but little D and not the hair she came with last night, maybe its my water. She did bring her appetite and they have already gone visiting.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

what we think people say

Sometimes people say things that are not the truth but in there eyes and choice of words are different than what i visualize. case in point, Bob Beck says ( I have a little hole in my main line.) This is not what i thought.

Monday, March 24, 2008

genuis genes.

Well I just finished a little job out to the pig barn. last week ray helms called and said he needed my help now. I loaded up and went out and he said i would have to climb up the elevator 85 foot to see the problem. The top roller that all the belt and cups go over had broken the main shaft away from the pulley. The belt and cups weigh aver five hundred pounds. So i Thought what i needed and came home and built a little pipe bird cage and spreader bar. I took it out and hoisted all the stuff up the rope and took what i thought i needed. Ray helped me set the bird cage on top of the elevator leg hooked up my come along and fit some pins under the belt and raised the belt up three feet then we took the bearing bolts out and i torched the frame work so we could lift out the pulley and shaft and gear box all at once. We tied the rope over the motor housing and took a wrap around the ladder and then we let this 150 lbs down from the top in the ladder cage.
I brought it home and had to rebuild the 12 x 16 inch pulley, new bearings and seals .
Then today I went out and hoisted all the stuff and welder lead welded a hoop on the motor frame and put a pulley , then ran the rope up the cage and over the top to the skid steer loader and ray backed up the skid loader and I guided the rope up the ladder cage. We lifted the new piece up and in place adjusted the bearings and linedup the big pulley and welded all the cut out pieces, welded the gear box stablizer bar. grabbed the come along and let it down with the belt, took out the pins, let everything down and as I rolled ;up the leads Ray said that's why I call
Warren Parish. You can see in the picture how high up we are.

Friday, February 22, 2008

I rode the big one

Yesterday as i was writing out some checks and patrice was doing laundry i felt the bench at the snack bar start to shake. I thought she had come over and and was wiggling the bench, or one of the gravel trucks was going down the road. I said "we have just had a earthquake." I looked at the clock and it was 7:16 a.m.
In 1971Feb. I was just out on my mission a month still with my trainer and about 6:00 a m it felt like elder jenne had come over and was shaking the bed, the closet doors were rattling and the whole room was swaying. Then i realized it was an earthquake. It killed some sixty people and dropped freeways , and put a crack in a dam. What amazed me was that the swimming pool had lost three forths of the water that was in it. For the earth to shake and tremble is weird but to move enough to slop the water out of the pool it had to really go sideways quite a way. You can go on scarry rides but you can always get back to solid ground but when the solid ground shakes it a helpless feeling.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I have been tagged but I'm the last one so there is no one else to tag.
ten years ago I had a house full of girls and enjoying them. We were probable
working on some stupid pig barn job, or outside freezing to death. who cares about 10 years ago,I don't remember what i did last week. I could have been pulling the kids around the mile on the big plastic lid on a snow day.
snacks i enjoy. You could call it an open container, if it is open i like it. I have been known to associate with cinnamon bears before. maybe something with sugar in it. Maybe sunflower seeds.
If I were a millionaire, I would pay someone to clean the shop till the money ran out.
A bad habit that i have. not telling people that mean a lot to me thanks when they do things for me. Trying to find out from strangers if they and I know someone in common. Not carrying out my days (things to dos)
jobs Ive had. breaking horses, hauling hay,Del Monte pea and (corn harvester)
Truck driver in potato harvest, Missionary, Weld rite, Jones construction, The Iron House, Parish's Iron House, WEPCO. Dad, Grandpa.
Things you don't know about me. I'm really shy and have to work on talking in public. I'm a neat freak, but i try to hide it. I really enjoy life , and i get a big thrill when others have fun.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

high desert milk

well i don't have any cute pictures and haven't been or done anything fun
to post about.
Last night at round table I received an award to hang in the den on the wall. I guess that the longer you stay in scouts the more perturbed you are the madder you get for the way things are run the more they recognize you. I think the silver beaver is for going and hiding in an underground den and staying out of every ones way.
I have to brag on myself (cause no one else will) about a little job i got to do at the high desert milk plant.
Art called me two summers ago and asked if i could put some embeds in the concrete for the great big stainless steel tanks. So I went and looked and figured out how to do them. I made some jigs and junk and had some help holding and leveling them while I welded them. I had to get them the right height. the right radius, in the right degree from the door way. Steve from Lundall came by as i was doing them and asked if they were solid, I jumped one to the next and said they seemed good and stable, then he said they could have done them but they were short of men.
Then Leroy called from RTC and said they wanted me to put the embeds in at high desert milk and they told him they wanted the same guy that did Gosners because they were dang near perfect, I said he was just kidding me but he said all they have talked about was getting the same guy that did them last. So it was kind of the same as last except i had to extend my jigs and different pattern And train new guys (which i flashed because of their language).
Well Leroy called and said he needed more pin caps and they were setting the tanks, so i went down and took some pictures.
As I talked to some guys welding the tanks down they said they were in pretty good shape. If i had screwed up and cost the crane a little time in setting them, well thsy said the tanks were 38000 lbs and 12 foot in dia. and 80 foot tall. I cost 10000 to bring the crane in and 10000 out and 500 dollars an hour. Pocket change for the Wepster that got them in the right place. I guess that it was important and cost effective to do it right the first time.
Here are some pictures from the project. The top of the building is 120 feet. And i have four pads with 5 rings on each one. I have too weld the last two pads after they get done moving all the equipment to the top oa the building.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mr. dr. chef wepco

Well here it is sunday and the wind is blowing a dust storm like never before. we havent seen wattersons or macias house all day.
I had to speak in oakley 1 ward in the ward conf young mens, then i had to take some stuff to the pella wards, when I got home mom said she was hungry so i fixed us some breakfast. now for those of you that think uncle lyle is the only chef need to remember that i watch Rachel Ray. so here is a pic of breakfast the wepco style.
Mom is doing really well, i get to tuck her in and make sure her feet are covered for here many naps. squirt hair stuff on her head and unlock the bathroom when she locks herself in the bathroom. It is good that i can work and still check on her during the day. hopefully i can post some pictures of the lady that feels she is in house arrest cause of the ankle bracelet. We got her bandages off today and she is almost good as new.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

january memories.

Well i remember that on the 16 jan 1971 i entered the mission home, where the conference center now stands. Lyle and mam took me down in lyles oldsmobile. then to hit California with the palm trees and 60 degree weather it was a shock. Then i came home on the 21 of jan 1973. to frozen tundra, no girl freind. Randy playing b b all at the west minico jr high school. I changed clothes in the back of dads impala on the way to the school. at half time the little warriorettes did there marching routine, they were cute little girls, little did i know what lay ahead for one of them. I should have yelled Patrice run as fast as you can and dont look back. I'm happy the way things worked out, I have a wonderfull wife and four beautiful daughters, good son in laws, and the best dang grand kids i could have hoped for. I have great friends, good job, and i get to play in the shop all day. If i didnt have january would i appreciate june,.