Monday, June 9, 2008

I miss my Patty P.

Today I took B Nikkala and Patrice to Upper crust, and then they went to Firth to see Delanie, Hudson and Karisa. So I worked at the fairgrounds hanging new gates to the grandstand. Stopped by Papa Kelseys and had a sandwich came home and moved a fence set the water cleaned up the tools so they don't get rained on did chores and washed eggs and read the church news. Its just not the same without my friend!!!!
miss you Patrice.


chartie said...

Poor WEP! I'm glad that you miss your wife, though. It would make me wonder if you didn't!

deidra said...

Too cute. I miss both of you!

Nikkala said...

I'm glad you miss Mom, but I wonder if it is intensified by you knowing she is hanging out with the grandkids and you are home working?

Don't worry she hasn't chased Bentley around the house with Froggie on her head yet. And she will be home today.