Thursday, December 20, 2007

dreaming of a white Christmas!!!!!!!

well here it is close to Christmas and the rain is making puddles in the drive way and every thing is dripping wet. I had to go measure rail on a new house on the river, the gate was locked to the road that led to the house through the field. I went to the nest mile and went to the Larsons house then continued along the bottom of the field for a mile spinning mud all over my truck. A lesser driver would have gotten stuck. I walked around back with my extension ladder to get to the deck above all around the house was new dirt as backfill needless to say i was glad to have the ladder to help me from disappearing. a taller man would have been ok. Then I,m on this new deck that is 16 inch square tiles, guess what the mess looked like when is was done. looked like someone had worked cattle for half a day. If the ground turns cold and covered with snow I will be lots happier. Merry Christmas If anyone has a good Idea for mom for Christmas Im all ears.

Monday, December 10, 2007

I have been a good boy , cept

Well christmas is about here, the tree is up, Moms decorations litter the front room and the nativities are safe down stairs, the bed is a little tricky to make because of the pillows! I can never get it just right and i havent figured out how to set them in the chair so in the morning i can just put them back. When i do get it figured out it will be time for a new quilt and new look. I have had a busy and wonderful year . I lost my dad and aunt bea, ill miss her hugs at church every sunday. and still waiting for my dollar from dads estate, unless the lawyer got it all. I havent got to play as much as i had hoped, water skiing, fishing, hunting, horse back riding, and taking mom on a get away. I guess you just have to play as you go so life is bearable. I have been blessed with good health, good family, wonderful wife great kids , adorable grand kids, stupid dog, lots of work and tools to do it with. What could i possibly need for Christmas, not much, just knowing my family is doing well and love to come home and feed apples to the horses and laughing at me when i run through the house in my long handles like an overweight balerina. and poking fun at me cause their jealeous of me and my media in the yard, Ive been a good boy cept i could have been better