Monday, December 10, 2007

I have been a good boy , cept

Well christmas is about here, the tree is up, Moms decorations litter the front room and the nativities are safe down stairs, the bed is a little tricky to make because of the pillows! I can never get it just right and i havent figured out how to set them in the chair so in the morning i can just put them back. When i do get it figured out it will be time for a new quilt and new look. I have had a busy and wonderful year . I lost my dad and aunt bea, ill miss her hugs at church every sunday. and still waiting for my dollar from dads estate, unless the lawyer got it all. I havent got to play as much as i had hoped, water skiing, fishing, hunting, horse back riding, and taking mom on a get away. I guess you just have to play as you go so life is bearable. I have been blessed with good health, good family, wonderful wife great kids , adorable grand kids, stupid dog, lots of work and tools to do it with. What could i possibly need for Christmas, not much, just knowing my family is doing well and love to come home and feed apples to the horses and laughing at me when i run through the house in my long handles like an overweight balerina. and poking fun at me cause their jealeous of me and my media in the yard, Ive been a good boy cept i could have been better


deidra said...

Daddy-o, you're one funny man. I particularly like that your stupid dog made the blessings list. I think you like ol' Myronie Balonie more than you will admit. I'm glad to hear you don't need much for Christmas, because I have zero ideas (Chris has one he's convinced is genius-- but I'm not so sure!)

karisa said...

I am amazed at how you can pack so much into a little post. I don't think you need pictures to make a post. You do a great job and making me laugh.