Monday, September 24, 2007

still workingat delis

Well i'm still working at magic valley produce, Patrice came over sat. and brought lunch. here is a picture of the beam that you guys helped me set. Everytime i go over there, there is something new to figure out. I went over sat to finish welding the handrail around the stairs, but Jose louis said thet pete didn't like the stairs but didn't know where to put them,(I could tell him where to put them) He said the lady upstairs wouldn't have enough room. move the stupid wall upstairs 9 feet and put the conveyor over the stairs comming up.all the posts and red iron was the work I did this summer.
Chad called during the day and asked if i could meet him at delis's. I sure could in fifteen minutes. When i got there chad rolled his eyes and said here we go again.
Chad Warren Jose Luise (Mech.) Dave (know it all foreman) Dean (costa delis's grandson). They all said we needed more room and it was just to crowded and wouldnt work. I said cover the stairs comming up and put the conveyor on the top of it and move the wall back nine feet. mmmmm maybe that would work. Of course it would work im the wepenator. people need to just think a little. besides i've heard that there is a genius in the family.


Nikkala said...

The Wepster, the Wepenator, the Weppy.

deidra said...

Look at you go, you blogging fool, you.

It looks good. You must have had an excellent crew to help you with those beams. And a pretty ingenious mind to figure it all out.