Monday, September 24, 2007

bentley and pumpkin

Well its about time that i post because i have been waitng for Jimmy Chris Bob to blog but he is a slacker.

Well Sat little Bentley got to come for a short visit. He got to ride Grandmas pumpkin, help papa feed apples to the horses, and feed the chickens. then we got to eat grandmas pork chops fresh french fries, well little B started out with a side order of crunch berries, then ate almost all the french fries, then went had dessert of fresh sliced peaches, I didnt know you could eat a whole bowl without taking a breath. the snot was dripping off his top lip, the peach juice was running down his chin,hands arms belly and i forgot how little kids eat.

I love fall the orchard and some one to enjoy it with.

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Nikkala said...

Bentley had lots of fun feeding the horses, but I am pretty sure he enjoyed the peaches more.