Sunday, July 29, 2007

DD layneee

Yesterday we got our work done and headed to firth to see the latest member of our family. As we got there Karisa was home alone up and around and doing really well.
She said at one time we could load up and go find Brent. (she just had a kid!!!)
I got to hold lanie and what a living doll. she is so precious , Long black hair and the longest fingers. My mom had the biggest hands and was so embarresd that all through high school she would try to hide them. Then she realized that heavenly father gave them to her to help other people. This morning i awoke to the D girl in my bed. her and i spent some time just getting to know her spirit, every move she made was so fun to watch. I am so glad she is here safe and sound and her mom is dong so well. Grandma P thinks keese will have them in the semi for the harvest. And Brent is so proud of the little girl that will be a big handfull but be his best freind in the whole world.
Im a pretty proud (Papa) myself. Patrice is staying for a few days and maybe by then she can get hudson to smile, (what a giggle puss) the other night when he came in and saw grandma parish. He was bouncing off the walls.


Tameka Lee said...

She is pretty dang cute for a new born. I am excited to meet her also...whenever that will be.

deidra said...

She's a keeper. I think she's pretty lucky to have a Papa like you!