Saturday, March 29, 2008

New work camera

Nikkala called last week and i said I needed a camera so i don.t have to download from my cell phone, she said they had one for sale, and we decided to get it with some memory sticks. Here are some of the first pictures. can anyone tell where they were taken?


Nikkala said...

Is that green grass I see poking through?

Tameka Lee said...

Well the first thing to look at while trying to guess where a picture is taken, is the surroundings. And if I am correct the shadows look as if they might be from a slide and a ladder. The only place you can find these two objects together is the trampoline in the back yard. Thanks for the hints dad.

Con & Vicki Haycock said...

Only the Parrish's would have little creatures running around in their back yard. Spring is here!