Monday, March 24, 2008

genuis genes.

Well I just finished a little job out to the pig barn. last week ray helms called and said he needed my help now. I loaded up and went out and he said i would have to climb up the elevator 85 foot to see the problem. The top roller that all the belt and cups go over had broken the main shaft away from the pulley. The belt and cups weigh aver five hundred pounds. So i Thought what i needed and came home and built a little pipe bird cage and spreader bar. I took it out and hoisted all the stuff up the rope and took what i thought i needed. Ray helped me set the bird cage on top of the elevator leg hooked up my come along and fit some pins under the belt and raised the belt up three feet then we took the bearing bolts out and i torched the frame work so we could lift out the pulley and shaft and gear box all at once. We tied the rope over the motor housing and took a wrap around the ladder and then we let this 150 lbs down from the top in the ladder cage.
I brought it home and had to rebuild the 12 x 16 inch pulley, new bearings and seals .
Then today I went out and hoisted all the stuff and welder lead welded a hoop on the motor frame and put a pulley , then ran the rope up the cage and over the top to the skid steer loader and ray backed up the skid loader and I guided the rope up the ladder cage. We lifted the new piece up and in place adjusted the bearings and linedup the big pulley and welded all the cut out pieces, welded the gear box stablizer bar. grabbed the come along and let it down with the belt, took out the pins, let everything down and as I rolled ;up the leads Ray said that's why I call
Warren Parish. You can see in the picture how high up we are.


deidra said...

where's the picture?

Nikkala said...

So that's where Bentley gets it from...