Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I have been tagged but I'm the last one so there is no one else to tag.
ten years ago I had a house full of girls and enjoying them. We were probable
working on some stupid pig barn job, or outside freezing to death. who cares about 10 years ago,I don't remember what i did last week. I could have been pulling the kids around the mile on the big plastic lid on a snow day.
snacks i enjoy. You could call it an open container, if it is open i like it. I have been known to associate with cinnamon bears before. maybe something with sugar in it. Maybe sunflower seeds.
If I were a millionaire, I would pay someone to clean the shop till the money ran out.
A bad habit that i have. not telling people that mean a lot to me thanks when they do things for me. Trying to find out from strangers if they and I know someone in common. Not carrying out my days (things to dos)
jobs Ive had. breaking horses, hauling hay,Del Monte pea and (corn harvester)
Truck driver in potato harvest, Missionary, Weld rite, Jones construction, The Iron House, Parish's Iron House, WEPCO. Dad, Grandpa.
Things you don't know about me. I'm really shy and have to work on talking in public. I'm a neat freak, but i try to hide it. I really enjoy life , and i get a big thrill when others have fun.


karisa said...

You're right, I didn't know those last things about you. But now that you say something, I think I've seen symptoms before- NOT!

deidra said...

There's a song in Once Upon a Mattress appropriately titled, "I'm Shy." It sort of reminds me of you, know that you mention your shyness.