Wednesday, February 6, 2008

high desert milk

well i don't have any cute pictures and haven't been or done anything fun
to post about.
Last night at round table I received an award to hang in the den on the wall. I guess that the longer you stay in scouts the more perturbed you are the madder you get for the way things are run the more they recognize you. I think the silver beaver is for going and hiding in an underground den and staying out of every ones way.
I have to brag on myself (cause no one else will) about a little job i got to do at the high desert milk plant.
Art called me two summers ago and asked if i could put some embeds in the concrete for the great big stainless steel tanks. So I went and looked and figured out how to do them. I made some jigs and junk and had some help holding and leveling them while I welded them. I had to get them the right height. the right radius, in the right degree from the door way. Steve from Lundall came by as i was doing them and asked if they were solid, I jumped one to the next and said they seemed good and stable, then he said they could have done them but they were short of men.
Then Leroy called from RTC and said they wanted me to put the embeds in at high desert milk and they told him they wanted the same guy that did Gosners because they were dang near perfect, I said he was just kidding me but he said all they have talked about was getting the same guy that did them last. So it was kind of the same as last except i had to extend my jigs and different pattern And train new guys (which i flashed because of their language).
Well Leroy called and said he needed more pin caps and they were setting the tanks, so i went down and took some pictures.
As I talked to some guys welding the tanks down they said they were in pretty good shape. If i had screwed up and cost the crane a little time in setting them, well thsy said the tanks were 38000 lbs and 12 foot in dia. and 80 foot tall. I cost 10000 to bring the crane in and 10000 out and 500 dollars an hour. Pocket change for the Wepster that got them in the right place. I guess that it was important and cost effective to do it right the first time.
Here are some pictures from the project. The top of the building is 120 feet. And i have four pads with 5 rings on each one. I have too weld the last two pads after they get done moving all the equipment to the top oa the building.


Nikkala said...

Its all about the jigs. Good job Wepster.

karisa said...

Are you kidding? Hudson brags up his Pappa all the time. Thanks to your chapstick (he screwed out and jammed into the lid) his lips are on the mends. You're great!

deidra said...

We all think you're pretty awesome. You should have raised your price for doing such a spot on job and saving them some big bucks.

I'm always amazed at how well your brain works in problem solving like this.

Con & Vicki Haycock said...

Greeat jpb. You have been tagged. Check out our blog