Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mr. dr. chef wepco

Well here it is sunday and the wind is blowing a dust storm like never before. we havent seen wattersons or macias house all day.
I had to speak in oakley 1 ward in the ward conf young mens, then i had to take some stuff to the pella wards, when I got home mom said she was hungry so i fixed us some breakfast. now for those of you that think uncle lyle is the only chef need to remember that i watch Rachel Ray. so here is a pic of breakfast the wepco style.
Mom is doing really well, i get to tuck her in and make sure her feet are covered for here many naps. squirt hair stuff on her head and unlock the bathroom when she locks herself in the bathroom. It is good that i can work and still check on her during the day. hopefully i can post some pictures of the lady that feels she is in house arrest cause of the ankle bracelet. We got her bandages off today and she is almost good as new.


deidra said...

That's why it's important to marry a good man! Those incisions are itty bitty!

Please tell me that she was talking to me on the phone. Woohoo!

karisa said...

Looks like you're Rachel Ray and have her photographer to boot. I like all of the pictures. Keep taking good care of her.