Sunday, June 17, 2007

I love my girls

It was a busy week, and instead of getting more done i ended up with more jobs. chad called and i met him a delis s patotoe packing shed , on the tracks going to grandpa's. they are shutting down in a couple of weeks and i have to have all the beams and posts ready to go in when they have all the old machinary out and support the roof and box room with out any posts in the middle. It could be a night mare but we will get it done.
I will allways appreciate all my little helpers with all the work we used to do. how about doing mellings chores and does anybody remember the spud cellars? dworshak school, unnumbered hand rail jobs. Nikkala on the punch, karisa on the track torch, hand torch and reamer. deidra welding pin caps and handrail, tameka the power hack saw , welding pin caps, painting and being my hay hauling driver. you girls will never know how much i appreciated your freindship and help.
I am so proud of each one of you and the beautifull women you've become, maybe because of our experiences you will be fantastic mothers and wives. I love you and i have a happy father's day every day ! love dad


karisa said...

You're a sweet dad. I have lots of fond memories playing king of bunker hill, watching the geese fly overhead, (Ahh... that makes life worth living) zipline parties, (before we ever had the Ghetto.) I have always felt loved and have tried to live my life so that you can be proud of me. I love you. Happy Father's Day!!

Nikkala said...

I hope I can pass along a few of the things I have learned from you to my family. Thanks for being a great dad.

chartie said...

Yeah, you're girls are pretty cool. One in particular - and she looks hot in her welding get-up. :-)

deidra said...

Too bad that girl in the welding get-up married a man who doesn't know the diffence between "your" and "you're." Or, even worse, knows the difference but doesn't use them correctly. Oh well!

I love you, too, Dad!