Friday, June 15, 2007


tonight i sluffed the cousins party and braden , tameka, and I went to the river, It was totally awesome just like glass and only one boat, alec helms and tyler seamons. wonder how they found our spot. I warmed the ole girl up and then we hit bugs smashing speeds. Tameka got on the wake board and did totally well. The only thing left is the after skiing party. Mom just went to bed and the kids ar being kids. I might have to put in some spark plugs and lube but we did forget to put in the plug , so we had to come out of the water and save our lives. the offer is out, if you want the blue ghetto, you have to take the junk.


karisa said...

Hoorah! We're hoping to get out boat out on the water today. I don't think we'll have such favorable skiing circumstances. Things up here just aren't like they are at Kimmy's. Long may the Ghetto live!

deidra said...

Thanks for the ride yesterday. Too bad the water stunk. This girl is a bit tender today, but I'd choose being sore the rest of my life if I didn't have to be skiing deprived!