Sunday, March 25, 2007

think winter

I was in the orchard yesterday taking out the cherry tree. I dug around it and got the chain saw and cut the big roots around the stump, then i took my 2 ton come along and chained around the willow tree at the base. Then went through the tree to the far big branch and hooked on. It was amazing to here the roots snapping and popping, then i hooked it to the pear tree and pulled in the oppisite direction. Then i got the electric chain saw and cut it up in 8 inch peices so i can use it in the smoker im building.
Then i walked by the apricot tree . the!@#@$ thing thinks its spring and every branch is in full bloom top to bottom. I wish this little tree would still be thinking of winter!!
For my hort. daughters, what is the chance it wont freeze again till August?
Stupid little tree, always wants to be the first, crap there aint any bees in the valley, there still in california working the almonds.


Nikkala said...

Good work Dad!

deidra zoe said...

You ripped out the cherry tree? I feel violated! I loved that tree-- it was the best for climbing and perching in!