Saturday, March 31, 2007

fishing in the dark

Yesterday Tameka and Chelsea talked me into taking them fishing to salmon falls damn. But of course they were out with the boys till all hours of the night, looking at chickens and being crazy. So at 5 o'clock am they weren't the happiest campers. They had to make sandwiches while i loaded the gear. They slept the whole way over there. There must of been a good storm cause the borrow pits and ditches were full of snow, I thought it could be cold. ( it was colder then that.)
As we were fishing and having much success this brand new loaded suburban pulled up close to where we were. Four older gentlemen got out and proceeded to dress in the latest Cabelas equipment. they had everything from the long brimmed hats to the clip on magnifying glass to tie on the flys with. Why do you need camo waders? To blend in with the under water forest or sagebrush patches? Needless to say i caught four while they were getting ready. I made Friends with the older one and said you can have my spot, but remember there is a ninety foot drop off right in front of you. I hadn't seen a fish roll all day, but they were using dry flies that they were using three years ago. I gave the younger one a leach and he caught one just before we left. After taking the girls I remember why i like going with Lyle, and the boys. It was fun and hope to do more of it before Tameka leaves for school.


deidra zoe said...

One day maybe my dad will take me fishing.

Who cares what those other guys were wearing? You had way cuter fishing partners, I'm sure!

Nikkala said...

I nominate you for "Blogger of the Week." It is amazing you can run a successful business and still have time to upload all of these photos using dial-up. I hear you are looking into high speed internet--which I suspect is a little related to your blog world. You'll love it!

Whit said...

fishing is always a good time! it looks like you had a pretty good day!