Monday, March 26, 2007

Myron Goldberg

Here is a picture of the most famous dog, Myron Goldberg . He is Jewish, and also Irish, cause he was born on Saint ptricks day. My brother Randy gave him to us when we got back from D.C. I spent a little time with him and taught him about 15 tricks. Set, stay, laydown, go through my legs, speak, jump over stuff, jump through a hula hoop, roll over, fetch, pull rescue rope,wink one eye, jump rope with me, pee on tires,jump over hurdles,spin in circles. Now the, question is , Is Myron a smart dog , or is warren a good trainer? Anyway Im asking $800.00 for the dog, coller and hula hoop.


Whit said...

oh myron! i really need to come visit!

karisa said...

You should make it a point to post more often. It is such great comic relief. I'm busting a gut right now. Thanks for the laughs!

deidra zoe said...

Yes, I agree with Karisa. You are a fun dad!

I'm pretty sure it's the "M" on his collar that is driving up the price so much!