Wednesday, February 21, 2007

today was a waste

today i straightened Fred Woods forklift steering bar, four minutes, cut off Bret Robbins shower spacer , six minutes. Met Tameka at Alltell and paid 353.47 for three phones and a new plan. Took moms car to the tire shop, four tires, 200.00. Went to lunch at main street burger, 5.29. went home and got the truck and went to pacificand got some angle iron for arts grates 234.15. Went home and got the suburban and took it to tires west, four tires, 770.00, but got some free beef, (the sausage kind, uck.) then went home and welded for one houor and fifteen minutes. Time for scouts and supper, what a wasted day. but mom can go styling in the lincoln.
today i gotmy first full can of eggs, 24 to be exact, thank goodness for spring.
I saw my first robin a while ago, and realized that the kill deers will be here any day. Usually i her my first one late at night while im feeding the horses and they are still moving north, around my moms birthday, March 4.
WENt to Dads birthday party last night, full house, they invited all the ladies in the apartment. Had some good laughs and then dad headed for his room, (Jazz game) on the tube. He was happy and so were we.
hopfully i can post a picture of my spring with my new phone camera.


deidra zoe said...

Why did you get the sausage kind of free beef? With eight new tires, you could have gotten lots of steak!

I think you're cute. I'm glad to have the parents that I do!

karisa said...

I'd better watch out, you're quickly becoming a better blogger than I am. Brent will be glad to hear you have taken your studded, syped snow tires off.

Nikkala said...

I am still waiting for the post about Myron.