Sunday, April 8, 2007


When I was just a little boy, I loved to be out doors and see the wonders of spring . One of the fun things to do was to pick asparagrass and take it home to mom. She would be so excited and give me a big hug and teel me how much she loved asparagrass. I think the reason i love to harvest the big A , Is the faces on the peoples faces and the gratitude they have. Then you try to give it to someone and its almost a burden for them to take it. So I kind of know the people on my
Easter big A list.
Then it has to be the blooms on the trees and all the flowers and it amazes me how a little plant with some warm weather can shake off the cold winter and make things beautifull. I'm excited about the orchard , mom did a lot of hard work and i sprayed oil , and now all we have to do is time the frost with blossoms or sets. The orchard looks so open without the cherrie tree.
nest is the Savior's ressurection and what great blessing the world received, that we can all be ressurected and live again. I know that this is true, and all the words of the living prophets . I would be lost if I didn't have this knowledge and opportunity. And most of all , i'm greatfull for the best family in the world!! There support, there help and just being to share there lives and all the things we did while they were growing up. I love you all.


karisa said...

Wow Dad, you can even pull off a mostly serious post. I've got to go out looking for asparagus.

Nikkala said...

Obviously a thought out post to have a picture with the 3 things you talked about. Thanks for sharing this, and your big A.