Wednesday, April 18, 2007

house to myself

We had a big bon fire monday night and the scouts and families came. we burned the trash pile across the canal , then the kids started t o bring tumble weeds to put onthe fire. They had a blast and started sliding down the gravel pit. long story short, they had a good time and tonight for scouts not many showed up cause of monday night, there loss. WE planned a five mile hike for next wed night. Hope we have good wweather. They all just left and mom is at the family history center and Tamekas a mia. I have the house to myself, but dont know what to to. So ill post a little blog and then go get the grim reapers cycle for the big every fifteen mins tommorrow.
Well i just went to thepictures and found a good one so im downloading it because I dont have any thing to write about. I really hope you enjoy the picture.
Just if you wanted to know, I have more work lined up than i have ever had. Maybe well be working on the garage this year. For all of you slacking bloggers , get off your butts.


Nikkala said...

Glad you were home alone and bored, I was beginning to think you had joined the "blogging slackers"!

karisa said...

Thanks Dad for the inspiration. I'll be getting off my butt now.

deidra zoe said...

I agree with Nik. That house does something to blogger's motivation, so I'm glad you beat the odds and posted something new. Your posts make me happy!

I think you should start telling us more stories about your childhood/ adolescent years. Make a little Warren memoir, 'cause I like those stories!

chartie said...

You'd better be careful, Warren. You're getting dangerously close to the junk pile. It's almost been a month!